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Re: Odoo 9 Javascript API

Phillip Stack, Phillip
- 03/05/2016 19:34:43
Thanks for looking into this. I would really appreciate anyone who can shed some light on the Odoo9 javascript API. 
If @lessuise is the person to speak to I look forward to hearing from them. 

From: "Nhomar Hernández" <>
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Sent: Saturday, 5 March, 2016 19:09:38
Subject: Re: Odoo 9 Javascript API

2016-03-05 15:37 GMT-06:00 Phillip Stack <>:
This documentation is making reference to the global openerp variable as well as instance and local parameters that get passed to your namespace. I am not sure but I was under the impression based on what I read here that this format and these arguments are deprecated. I can see in the latter mentioned link that there is a brief overview of the new javascript module api based on requirejs. However not much in the way of a fully functional example. The documentation could be worse. However the section on building interface extensions is basically the exact same as v8 which I dont believe reflects the new new javascript standards.

I didn't tested yet, but it looks as you are right.

@lessuise is the guy to answer this... I hope he do it. :-(

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