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Re: Odoo 9 Javascript API

Phillip Stack, Phillip
- 03/05/2016 16:33:55

This documentation is making reference to the global openerp variable as well as instance and local parameters that get passed to your namespace. I am not sure but I was under the impression based on what I read here that this format and these arguments are deprecated. I can see in the latter mentioned link that there is a brief overview of the new javascript module api based on requirejs. However not much in the way of a fully functional example. The documentation could be worse. However the section on building interface extensions is basically the exact same as v8 which I dont believe reflects the new new javascript standards.

From: "Nhomar Hernández" <>
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Sent: Saturday, 5 March, 2016 16:21:54
Subject: Re: Odoo 9 Javascript API

2016-03-05 15:07 GMT-06:00 Phillip Stack <>:
I have just started trying to get a handle on the odoo9 Javascript API. The documentation a "Building Interface Extensions" does not seem to be updated for the new API. Is there anyone who happens to know where any good documentation can be found on the new Javascript API?

Can you link us to the one you read?ç

I am on it and AFAICR there is a v9 ready doc there.

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