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Re: Odoo Apps Newsletter

Stefan Rijnhart
- 03/04/2016 03:27:03
On 03-03-16 17:37, Leonardo Pistone wrote:
> Personally, my problem is not the "paid" part, but the fact that this
> looks like an automated, promotional marketing message.
> I opted-in for community discussions, not a marketing list.

Given that one of the links in the message revealed that none of the
'best-selling' apps was sold more than 22 times, you could hardly call
it promotional.

There is also the statistics link, that shows that the total
revenue of the apps store has slowly been climbing to the current
€11.000 a month. No one is doing fine with these numbers, especially not
Odoo SA as they only rake in 30% of this amount. There is also the
enterprise contract with its additional features of course, but It seems
that on the part of their apps store strategy, it seems everyone lost
out when Odoo SA threw away their pure open source commitment.

In that respect, I found the message totally appropriate on this mailing


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