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Re: Odoo Apps Newsletter

Andi Becker
- 03/03/2016 21:56:52
Hi Leonardo

It is Spam as it says it is a Newsletter, which has absolute nothing to do with support or discussions here on the mailinglist. Beside this there are very strict regulations about newsletters and what they need to offer to people who don't want that newsletter. This possibility is not given if the newsletter gets published over a mailinglist like this. Yu simply can't unsubscribe to those marketing oriented Newsletters from Odoo S.A. without loosing also the ability to receive updates from the mailinglist threads itself.

Beside this the way Odoo S.A. is using here it also gives people the impression that the build in newsletter functionality of Odoo seems not to be working and is not at all usable for marketing purposes - especially if Odoo S.A. the ones who actually are the main programmers of that newsletter and marketing modules are not capable to use it the way that it reaches the customers they want to reach.

It would look much more professional for Odoo S.A. to use the build in ODOO Feature for newsletter to distribute their newsletters and no more using the mailinglist.


If this won't stop than soon lots of more people will offer their "newsletters" which are Odoo related but mostly actually marketing for their own services and products on this mailinglist.

Actually it will be an Odoo S.A, sign for others to do their marketing also via the Odoo recommended way in using community mailinglists to distribute their newsletters.

Happy filtering :-)