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[9.0] Sale Order to RFQ 1:1 Relationship - Is there any way to force a single sale order to trigger a single request for quotation always so that they are 1:1

Luke Branch
- 03/03/2016 04:04:21
Hi Community,

I'm interested in triggering a single purchase order for every sale order without the auto-merging feature that Odoo has switched on by default.

Basically when a customer orders:

SOXXX (eg. SO123)

i'd like this SO to generate an RFQ only for that SO:

POXXXXX (eg. PO12345)

the next customer that comes along and orders would trigger another SO and another RFQ so that the relationship is always 1:1 between SO and PO.

I am considering triggering an email to confirm the RFQ as soon as the SO is confirmed which would achieve this behaviour, however i'm concerned with multiple concurrent users paying at the same time that this behaviour would not be entirely consistent with this setup.

Does anyone have any advice they'd be able to share in regards to how it would be possible to set this up so that a SO is always 1:1 with a purchase order?