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Re: override en_US terms

Ermin Trevisan
- 03/02/2016 04:33:39
Well, the german translation team on Transifex, which I'm also a member
of, is working heavily on the translation and it's getting better day by
day. Something seemed to be mishappen when releasing Odoo 9.0 with the
german translation, which was by far not the same quality as in the
release 8.0 and so we have to improve it step by step.

I'm not able to qualify other translations, as I do not have access to
it. But I know that any translations have to be carefully reviewed. In
the case of German it is also important to be aware of national
particularities and legal terms regarding Switzerland and Austria.

I feel much better with the existing organizational set up using
Transifex with translators and reviewers than with a translation package
of unknown quality (to me and others) introduced "par ordre du mufti"
(meaning Odoo S.A.).
The community approach is by far superior and has a sustainable perspective.

Just my 2c

On 02.03.2016 08:32, Andreas Becker wrote:
> @Eric 
> ask yourself why a separate German Translation beside Transiflex, which
> is much better (corrected) than the original one, has been created at
> all. Odoo knows about it already by the way. It is available and could
> be uploaded to transiflex as you mentioned but I guess it won't be done,
> for whatever reasons. 
> This way you have quite a lot of other Odoo pearls which probably will
> never get integrated or even known by others. 
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