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Re: override en_US terms

Amaris, Quentin THEURET @Amaris
- 03/02/2016 02:00:46
Le 01/03/2016 14:52, Alexandre Fayolle a écrit :
> On 01/03/2016 14:47, Quentin THEURET wrote:
> > Le 01/03/2016 10:22, Daniel Reis a écrit :
> >> > What is the current best practise to override en_US translations in Odoo?
> >> I would like to put this question from a more generic point of view, and
> >> not specifically on the English terms:
> >> How would be the best way to "override" standard translation, to fit in
> >> customer specific terms?
> >>
> > Maybe a solution is to create a new language that inherits from en_US
> > (or es_ES for standard spanish) to override standard terms.
> > Then deactivate the en_US language and put the new one as default.
> Could you consider using the "C" locale as reference for a future Odoo
> version? This would solve all these issues with en_US...
Sorry, but I don't understand in what the using of the "C" locale as 
reference will change something on the overriding of standard terms. The 
source string of the ir.translation will be always the English-based 
term defined in Odoo source code.
Maybe I missed something, so please explain me your thoughts.