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Re: [V9] Project Management with sales and mrp

Arjan Duijs
- 02/27/2016 13:04:43
Cheers Jordi!

2016-02-27 0:21 GMT-05:00 Jay Vora <>:

You rock!

On Sat, Feb 27, 2016 at 6:12 AM, Jordi Ballester Alomar <> wrote:


We've worked extensively on this topic of project management in manufacturing.

It is a complex topic.

Before you sell a project you must prepare a Statement of Work and provide a Scope of Work with the list of deliverables, at a certain degree of detail.
You then need to estimate the work required to complete and resources to be used, to come up with a proposed project value, cost baseline, and gross margin for the project.

Your sales order needs to reflect the deliverables of the project, as well as the proposed billing plan.

As the contract is signed and you start with the project execution, using a rolling wave planning approach you'll ask engineers to refine the resource plan, providing updared the detailed designs for the BOM's to be used to produce the delierables.

Based on the resoure plan and approved budget you then initiate the execution phase, by triggering purchases for products and services required for the project. Actual costs (invoices, timesheets,..) start to flow and impact on the project's financials.

Sometimes the very nature of a project involves uncertainty of the product that should be built, and the BOM's go through a number of revisions, impacting directly into the resouce plan and in general, to the whole supply chain. You need to be careful to manage these scenarios as well.

On the side of controlling, you need to be able to track your planned vs actual costs, and also the project team performance (for instance, with the Earned Value Management technique).

These are some guidelines. Our work is published under v7 and v8.


El dia 27/02/2016 0:21, "Arjan Duijs" <> va escriure:
 Is anyone using the Project Management module in combination with the sales, warehouse and mrp module (Version 9 of odoo)?

I have a lot "how can i do this and do that" questions. 

My "sales orders" often consist various elements, things we manufacture our self, contractors, import and as well installation of the furniture is included in a project.

I would like to use the project management module to track all that. 
So before i start spamming all my questions, is there experience on using project management in a manufacturing environment?


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