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Re: document management solution ??

Bandile Nodada
- 02/24/2016 03:19:37
Hi Team

"IMHO odoo document management is too old fashion for today.
Odoo manages documents as attachment to a record.
There is no versioning and the interface is old. Today, users expect to drag and drop in a browser to upload document, and to be able to see documents in a consolidated view.
Odoo is not there."

If that is the case is there no way to integrate "proper" document management/ECM system with Odoo and let let Odoo focus on what it does best...being an ERP system. There are plenty of solutions out there, both Opensource (Alfresco, Nuxeo etc) and Cormercial (Oracle WebCenter Content, OpenText, Documentum, Sharepoint etc), that can be investigated for this use. 

Maybe someone from Odoo can give guidance because i know some of this solutions can integrate with other ERP/CRM System.


Kind Regards,
Nodada Bandile 

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