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Re: odoo store quality

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 02/20/2016 08:57:11

That's right and it is difficult to find really useful modules. That is one of the strength of the OCA actually.

Within this universe, the OCA modules (1000!) provide quality, consistency and security for the integrator and customer (

Discover the contributors behind the scene:

On Sat, Feb 20, 2016, 21:22 moulay rachid Hachimi <> wrote:
i first thanks ODOO and fabien for the tremendous works they have  been doing for the last years,and one of this works is the odoo store.
the odoo store is a place where dev and companies uplod their effort on a publishing area,now adays the odoo store has reached more than 6500 modules.

The issues that i want to pinpoint in this email are :

1/A lot of this 6500 modules ,are obselete ,lake of quality test and when installing them in odoo they create bugs and problems,so my suggestion is to make a quality process in the odoo store so that only good quality modules will be published.

2/Also there are a lot of modules that are published but their goal is too small tht they don't need to be uploaded like changing the color of a record or changing the name or adding a field.

3/there a re a lot of modules that answer to an issue or a type of functional behaviour ,sowhy not to regroup them in a small units of modules or gather them in one module with config option.

So in final we have a great,qualitative and targeted  odoo store


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