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odoo store quality

moulay rachid
- 02/20/2016 08:17:24
i first thanks ODOO and fabien for the tremendous works they have  been doing for the last years,and one of this works is the odoo store.
the odoo store is a place where dev and companies uplod their effort on a publishing area,now adays the odoo store has reached more than 6500 modules.

The issues that i want to pinpoint in this email are :

1/A lot of this 6500 modules ,are obselete ,lake of quality test and when installing them in odoo they create bugs and problems,so my suggestion is to make a quality process in the odoo store so that only good quality modules will be published.

2/Also there are a lot of modules that are published but their goal is too small tht they don't need to be uploaded like changing the color of a record or changing the name or adding a field.

3/there a re a lot of modules that answer to an issue or a type of functional behaviour ,sowhy not to regroup them in a small units of modules or gather them in one module with config option.

So in final we have a great,qualitative and targeted  odoo store