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RE: Online Journal entries and vice versa very slow as compare to local host

B-Intell, Jorge Pinell
- 02/19/2016 22:52:13

Hi Abdul,


What is your computer characteristics, from where your login from to your VPS?


1.       How many RAM does it have

2.       What is your processor speed and characteristic

3.       Your Internet Bandwidth, how much is it 1 MB, 2 MB?

4.       In that same office or place, is there anybody downloading or using your internet too, that might be consuming all of the bandwidth?

5.       Is the accountant accesing from your same location, and how much bandwidth does he have in his site, where he is logging from? Does he share the internet too with other users?


For helping you, I need some answers to this questions.


Best regards,


Jorge Pinell



De: Abdul Qudoos []
Enviado el: Viernes, 19 de Febrero de 2016 02:27 a.m.
Para: Community
Asunto: Online Journal entries and vice versa very slow as compare to local host



We are using Accounting module of Odoo 9 in our company. First we installed it on linux VPS with 512MB RAM. It was very slow in performance. So we changed the VPS. Now we installed Odoo 9 on windows VPS with 4 GB RAM, and other specifications are also very good but still it is very slow. We have only one accountant who enter journal entries. We only install Accounting module in it. when second person try to login to Odoo, the server become too slow to open anything, even we check at that time server statistics, normal RAM was going to use.

Some one told me that you have to tune your Odoo database. What does it mean and if this is the solution then how can I do it?

Can anyone give me best solution for this problem?

First priority is to set Odoo 9 in existing VPS.

And what should be the VPS specs for 1 to 5 users?




Abdul Qudoos Mehdi

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