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Re: [8.0] [9.0] How to keep Odoo core and its modules updated and secure - Best approach?

Lambda Networks AS, Levent Karakaş
- 02/19/2016 09:38:47
Odoo states that; once a version is released there won't be any model changes. So in theory, you can get the latest code, restart your server and live happy with the latest fixes.

1) But we had few cases that you will to upgrade some modules such as:

which adds a field in form and requires it in model. You get an error unless you don't upgrade.

2) and have some conflicts with external addons due to changes in the model such as:

So I recommend upgrading base module (which means upgrading every module installed) if you update the code.

On the other hand, OCA has a nice version numbering strategy that adresses this problem:

It would be very nice to have something that will record and trigger upgrades if there is a change that requires upgrade in these version numbers (such as on server restart). 

2016-02-18 5:31 GMT+02:00 Andreas Becker <>:

what is the best approach in your opinion to keep an Odoo instance with several modules or several Odoo instances uptodate?

  1. Odoo itself does not tell when a certain module needs to be updated i.e. as it has a security issue or new features/bugifixes etc.
  2. Odoo core does not tell when it should get updated for same reasons.
  3. All Odoo Modules are bundled with the core but mostly you won't need them all. All of them could be updated together with the core.
  4. Custom Modules from several resources i.e. OCA etc. are often bundled with multiple other modules which an installation perhaps won't need. There seems to be no good approach to update only a certain module or see if a certain module needs to get updated or that updates are available.
What tools / scripts are you using?

gitup repository updater
git commands

Is there a module which manages those tasks so that modules could be updated from within Odoo.

The admin can click a button and the newest available updates for all installed and uninstalled but available modules in the system would be listed and than he could decide which one he wants to get updated?

What are your experiences? How often do you update the core / modules?



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