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Re: Payment notification URL for Odoo integration with third party webapplication.

RemoteWave, Hugo Razera
- 02/18/2016 11:17:55
Hello Bhavik,

you should take a look at the decorator  @openerp.http.route and controllers
for example:
class Controller(BusController):
def _poll(self, dbname, channels, last, options):
if request.session.uid:
channels.append((request.db, 'pos.multi_session', request.uid))
return super(Controller, self)._poll(dbname, channels, last, options)

@openerp.http.route('/pos_multi_session/update', type="json", auth="public")
def multi_session_update(self, multi_session_id, message):
res = request.env["pos.multi_session"].browse(int(multi_session_id)).broadcast(message)
return res
this code will create a web method of type json on the url: http://[yourodooaddress]//pos_multi_session/update. then you can code all your specific requirements.

Hugo Razera
VaV Tech

El 18 feb 2016, a las 4:12 a.m., escribió:

Hello community,

I am working on a project where i am supposed to integrate odoo with web 
application which manages online payment.Now in integration there is 
option where if customer directly pay at bank than bank sends response 
to client with the payment details.and to receive that response we have 
to provide a "Payment Notification Listener URL" to web application.They 
will link this URL with our profile ,and whenever any payment is made at 
bank branch directly instead of web,they will send payment 
notification.Now problem is i don't know how i can get this URL for 

I have very limited knowledge on web framework of odoo,so i would really 
love if anyone can help me on this.

Thank you.
Bhavik Vyas
Team leader

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