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Re: CC avenue, PayUMoney, Billdesk??

Odoo S.A., Antony Lesuisse
- 02/17/2016 21:26:31
All Odoo payment gateways are available in Odoo community. This currently 


We will accept and merge new payment gateway (even in stable versions) 
provided that:

- They have established a sufficient market share (even if it's local).
- The implementation is simple, minimal and secure.

Internally we currently have a task to add stripe. We also have a task to link 
correctly account.payment and payment.transaction so that you can charge cards 
from the register payment wizard and that e-commerce transaction confirm and 
pay the invoice (if configured on the payment method) as opposed as currently 
just confirming the SO. Those changes are targeting master.

On 02/18/2016 01:27 AM, Business Erp wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there a community module or paid module for integration with the above
> mentioned payment gateways? This is specially for Indian market. So i am in
> need of indian payment gateway system. It should be fully compatible with
> Odoo9 community edition e-commerce module.
> Thanks.
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