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Re: SaaS version 7 to 9

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 02/16/2016 02:44:07
On 16/02/16 06:42, Caudal Eric wrote:
> Those are probably 3 intermediate versions to v10 with different updated
> features

Exactly, to offer a v10 preview to SaaS customers (running on 
and to make the transition smoother between major versions. We release 
intermediate versions regularly based on the state of the master.
There were 5 saas-x between v7 and v8, only 1 between v8 and v9 and 
already 3 between v9 and v10. The differences with the v9 is still minor 
but it will increase with time.
We publish these branches for those interested (as a preview) but only 
the stable versions are supported.

Martin Trigaux