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Re: How to configure Odoo 9 Accounting?

Elico Solutions Pte Ltd, dominique kon sun tack
- 02/15/2016 23:06:37

Hi Johan,

Outstanding transactions are all the invoices that are not paid (either sooner or customer). Essentially, these are your A/R and A/P.
The simplest is to input them manually through the graphic user interface.

'Balances' means the beginning balance of your balance sheet accounts. E.g cash in banks, inventory, loan etc...
You need to pass them through a journal entry, but then, you need to know a fair bit of accounting as all entries are in the form of debit/credit

If you use Odoo for full accounting, you should ask help from someone with accounting background - otherwise, you can use Odoo only for invoicing (issue invoices, and get paid).


On 16 Feb, 2016 10:42 am, "Johan" <> wrote:
I just try to implement Odoo 9 in my small retail shop. I already 
install POS module, Purchase Management Module and Accounting module. I 
install the community version on my laptop.

I start to configure Accounting Module with reference to Odoo 9 user 
documentation on : 

There are 11 step there, I already at step 8, but have no idea how to do:

step 9 : Importing outstanding transaction

step 10 : Importing starting balance.

Where can I find the detail explanation for these steps?

Can anyone elaborate in more detail how can I do these 2 steps? I have 
limited accounting skill.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.


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