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Problem with post code (zip code) recognition in Odoo 8 webstore

Bill Ennals
- 02/15/2016 17:11:25

I'm having trouble getting the correct delivery methods to be available in the "Payment" section in the webstore.  It's not happening consistently for different partners which is very confusing.

I have created several delivery methods which work perfectly in the webstore when I log in as my user (which was created several years ago), but if I log in with a user account I have created recently then the delivery methods are not available at the payment stage and I get the "Sorry we are unable to ship your order" message.  Both of these users have identical address information entered in their related partner records.

I have gone back through the various users/partners that I have created over several years and there appears to be a cutoff - partners created before the cutoff time don't have any problems with delivery methods in the webstore, partners created after the cutoff time all have the same problem where their postcode does not seem to be recognised.

Has anyone else come across this problem?  Has their been some change to the way zip codes are stored in partner records which would explain why zip codes for more recently created partner records don't match with zip codes defined in delivery methods?

Thanks in advance,