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Re: Odoo 9 POS Inheritance issue

- 02/13/2016 22:28:10
Hi Sylvain,

thanks for the link. 

Before sending my question I have been sucesful in inheriting most of the objects, except ClientListScreenWidget from the point_of_sale.screens

I guess that have to do with the what the point_of_sale.screens returns

return {
    ReceiptScreenWidget: ReceiptScreenWidget,
    ActionButtonWidget: ActionButtonWidget,
    define_action_button: define_action_button,
    ScreenWidget: ScreenWidget,
    PaymentScreenWidget: PaymentScreenWidget,
    OrderWidget: OrderWidget,
    NumpadWidget: NumpadWidget,
    ProductScreenWidget: ProductScreenWidget,
    ProductListWidget: ProductListWidget,

What I suppose is that since ClientListScreenWidget  is not returned, then it can not be used for inheritance.

Any clue on how to do it?

Thanks a lot.,

2016-02-13 12:37 GMT-05:00 Sylvain LE GAL <>:
Hi Luis,

I had this kind of issue. For V9 PoS inheritance, you could take a look on OCA module :
This module for exemple, works correctly and is quite complete : (change UI / add extra feature / load extra data) :

OCA / pos / V9 : pos_customer_required :

Kind regards.

BTW, review welcome.

Sylvain LE GAL
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2016-02-13 14:42 GMT+01:00 Luis Miguel Sarabia <>:
Thanks a lot Mustafa. I will chek it.

2016-02-13 3:52 GMT-05:00 Mustafa Sarkazi <>:

Not sure if v9 is totally different, but I have subscribed the training here to learn about pos development.



Best Regards,

Mustafa Sarkazi
Technology Consultant

On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 9:27 PM, Luis Miguel Sarabia <> wrote:
Hi All,

I am trying to inherit ClientListScreenWidget in the screens.js of the point of sale in order to replace the function save_client_details.

In order to make the test easy I have only change the part marked in yellow. 


The rest is a copy of the original function.

While adding this my custom module does not load. I get the following error message.

Imagen integrada 1

This is the code of mymodule.js. 

odoo.define('point_of_sale_extension', function (require) {
"use strict";
var modscreen = require('point_of_sale.screens');


save_client_details: function(partner) {
   var self = this;
   var fields = {};
   this.$('.client-details-contents .detail').each(function(idx,el){
       fields[] = el.value;
   if (! {
   if (this.uploaded_picture) {
       fields.image = this.uploaded_picture;
   }           = || false;
   fields.country_id   = fields.country_id || false;
   fields.barcode      = fields.barcode || '';
   new Model('res.partner').call('create_from_ui',[fields]).then(function(partner_id){
           'title': _t('Error: Could not Save Changes'),
           'body': _t('Your Internet connection is probably down.'),


Please help.

Luis Miguel Sarabia

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