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Re: Warning is not activated

Elmatica AS, Luis Alberto Panozzo
- 02/12/2016 13:44:31
Unfortunately you seem to be right.
Gracias Nhomar

Luis Panozzo (Lp)
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Elmatica AS
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On 12 February 2016 at 17:52, Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

2016-02-12 5:01 GMT-06:00 Luis Panozzo <>:
Is this behaving as designed?
Is there a tweak or configuration we have missed?
Has someone changed the opportunity to quotation method to trigger the warning module into action?

This module is created to warn in the on_change event (AFAICR), then yes it should behave in that way.

Saludos Cordiales

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Nhomar Hernandez

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