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RV: Does anybody have a reference, module that prints "amount in words" in POS voucher/receipt

B-Intell, Jorge Pinell
- 02/11/2016 16:51:04

Thank you Zahid, Community


Ive changed this issue to Spanish, which worked for me in the Check Writing part, very well.

But with the Invoice part, i installed module that created a field and inherited invoice adequately, but when i enter a new invoice, it still in french.


Here all the details, thanks for your answer:

Sequence of steps done for the customization of amount in words for the invoice part :

a.       Succesfully we added the module “invoice_amount_text” in French with at the same time:

                                                               i.      Installed Field : amount_in_word          correctly.

                                                             ii.      Solution : It fills adequately amount in words, in French (since the module was developed for French Language).

<img width=690 height=334 src="cid:image002.jpg@01D164E4.0338F300" v:shapes="Imagen_x0020_1">



















Note : As you can see, it works fine, converting in  the invoice part, Total 208.70 to letters, in French.


The part we still haven’t configured or figured it out :

I will show you, the Translated file(s), since we only need the one in Spanish. I have translated files as this :

Following the same logic that the voucher in check_writing part, that we managed to set it up very well in Spanish from French,

In this case with the invoice part, its still not working.

I have some assumptions about this, and maybe it’s the python compiled file .pyc, that the new SPA version translated. We booted our machine, we stopped the odoo server

We deleted chromes browser history, we moved the .pyc file, so that only the .py file is present so Odoo compiles this version itself. But its still getting the French language version,

Its like a mistery since I don’t know if there is other version in French, when odoo is installed, rather than file amount_to_text (this file is in Spanish right now, as the

amount_to_text_fr is in Spanish).

My translated file has this:

to_19 = ( 'Cero',  'Uno',   'Dos',  'Tres', 'Cuatro',   'Cinco',   'Seis',

          'Siete', 'Ocho', 'Nueve', 'Diez',   'Once', 'Doce', 'Trece',

          'Catorece', 'Quince', 'Dieciseis', 'Diecisiete', 'Dieciocho', 'Diecinueve' )

tens  = ( 'Veinte', 'Treinta', 'Cuarenta', 'Cincuenta', 'Sesenta', 'Setenta', 'Ochenta', 'Noventa')


The french file has (That is not present any more in

to_19_fr = ( u'zéro',  'un',   'dos',  'trois', 'quatre',   'cinq',   'six',

          'sept', 'huit', 'neuf', 'dix',   'onze', 'douze', 'treize',

          'quatorze', 'quinze', 'seize', 'dix-sept', 'dix-huit', 'dix-neuf' )

tens_fr  = ( 'vingt', 'trente', 'quarante', 'Cinquante', 'Soixante', 'Soixante-dix', 'Quatre-vingts', 'Quatre-vingt Dix')


If anybody can help me with this issue, or tell us what step we are missing here.



Best Regards,


Jorge Pinell







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Asunto: Re: Does anybody have a reference, module that prints "amount in words" in POS voucher/receipt



Also under folder  /odoo/openerp/tools  there is a python script you can import and call within POS receipt file. this script can handle English, French and Dutch.

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On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 11:00 PM, Jorge Pinell <> wrote:

Community, good afternoon,


Can anybody help us, or have a reference or module that prints "amount in words" in POS voucher/receipt.


Thank you,


Best regards,


Jorge Pinell

Bintell – Odoo partner in C.A.

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