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reconsile advanced payments

Mustafa Al Saeedi
- 02/11/2016 07:32:44

in some business statuses, the customer deposit amount of money as a balance to deduct from it in upcoming transactions (sales orders or invoices) .

I wondering how can I apply this in odoo so that customer payment show the amount of remaining balance after deduct invoice total amount?

for example:

- customer X deposit 1000$ pay it in advance to us
- we register this payment via customer payments 1000$
- after couple of days the customer X make sale order in 750$ and confirm it
- we issued an invoice in that amount 750$ (the invoice status being opened)
- when we want to register the payment of invoice the amount show the whole amount of invoice 750$ hence we expected to show us -250$

please help us to preform this situation and correct us if we acting wrong procedures

Thank you