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RE: How to optimize general performance

Ray Carnes
- 02/10/2016 11:22:16
Your RDS is really a micro instance, probably why. PostgreSQL is the core technology that binds Odoo performance and it needs the resources.

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From: Alejandro Perez
Sent: ‎2/‎10/‎2016 8:17 AM
To: Community
Subject: Re: How to optimize general performance

We are also having some performance problems right now.

We have 5 physical POS with 4000 products which are loaded at the same time (7:30 am) for 5 sessions.
The server specs: EC2 m4.xlarge (4 vCPU and 16GB Mem) + RDS db.t2.small (1 vCPU and 2GB Mem)
The stores have 20Mb/s internet connection.

The thing is the POS sessions take 10 minutes or more to load the products and some times the server crashes while loading (100% processor use while products are being loaded)..
The odoo config file was not edited.

Is this an expected behavior?
I really don't understand how these loads can crash a server with such specs..


On 07/02/16 11:08, Graeme Gellatly wrote:

Tbh Alex I do it slightly differently. Hard limit around 12gb, soft limit at 2gb. That way really big batch processes complete, but run of the mill requests don't take a lot of ram.  That's with 25 workers and ram usage for python rarely exceed 20gb. But of course monitoring logs is really the only way to tune that to a specific workload.  Although I'm wondering now if restarting workers clears cache and a higher soft setting may be better.

In terms of postgres I pretty much use the setting you suggest but I think it's largely ignored in recent versions except by the query planner.  But it's what pgtune spits out anyway.

On Sun, 7 Feb 2016 10:27 PM Alexandre Fayolle <> wrote:
Odoo is clearly OLTP.

Regarding memory: if there are 8 cores, plan for 8 workers, and configure a hard limit of 4GB per worker. This means 32GB for Odoo, say 40. You may assign ~64GB for postgresql.

2016-02-05 22:34 GMT+01:00 Andreas Becker <>:
+ Kitti

What would be best to set:

Web application
Online transaction processing system
Data warehouse
Mixed type of applications

what is your experience?

How many connections would be best?

Total Memory - does it mean all memory of the system or if you run also other applications on the server which use. i.e. mariaDB or MySQL etc.only the memory you would like to give to postgres?

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On Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 12:17 AM, Naresh Soni <> wrote:
+1 Kitti, very useful website.

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