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OpenERP Master
- 02/08/2016 12:46:05
Thanks for response,

I understand and share your vision for the software, however there are certain aspects to the current solution which unfortunately limits it's usefulness for prospects.

You mentioned scan scan, but this is an assumption that everything has a correct barcode. IMO it is essential feature to have both the ability to scan and manually look up an item.

In regards to backorder, IMO the usage is strange to me. The functionality implies that the user knows in advance they will do a partial transfer, when IMO the person wouldn't necessarily know that until they were finished. Also, from a process standpoint I do not like the user having to click backorder or start transfer from the beginning. You should be able to scan the moves and then if you do not do complete, just say your done and then at that point a backorder is created.

Picking Wave, I wonder if Odoo design the picking wave after other community modules. Like the way I was doing it back on v6. The stock wave module (Odoo Official) is disappointing to me and provides very limited functionality. I have actually created my own wave module which has significantly more functionality and processes. You create a wave by logic, not just selecting records with a checkbox and say make wave. The stock wave module isnt really a decision device at all, it just groups stuff together.

Back to the MERP product. I have 2-3 clients very interested in such a solution but could not possibly use the application as is. If you were interested in developing the application further based on some direction, let me know and we can discuss.

On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 4:09 AM, Oleg Kuryan <> wrote:
Hi, OpenERP Master,

I see good points about improvement of Odoo /mERP Warehouse app that I also was thinking about so below are some comments:
- Originally app was adopted to make sure that:
---- It is possible to do basic warehouse operations with minimal clicks on the screen. Cause we are trying to adopt app to regular Warehouse employee that need to do things fast. Like this - scan,scan, scan, enter, scan, enter and etc. With minimal interactions with screen. 3 videos demonstrating are here: Receiving , Dispatching, Inventory
---- As it is another UI for Odoo - we were making sure that it works with standard Odoo with no customizations

And that was working fine for our customers. (BTW, Create backorder or Lot functionality exists in mERP Warehouse (it is in context menu on picking screen, so you can do partial transfer)

Now reality comes that:
- For highly loaded companies when you have to pick many orders at a time - standard picking wave functionality is not working fine. Because there you do picking by picking. And that is not best way to do it. Because in one order there can be products from rack 1 and rack 10. They are on opposite side of warehouse. So you need to choose best way to pick all orders at once having optimal way.
- Note that I checked both Odoo 8 and Odoo 9 Enterprise and Community. Still I see that picking waves working the same (do picking by picking, instead of product by product from different pickings. @Fabien, correct me if I'm wrong.
- So now we are developing Picking Wave optimal path calculation with simple sorting. Maybe we will introduce more complex algorithm later. But now our assumption is that numbering of racks and shelfs will go in alphabetic order (A1, A2,... A100). SO just by sorting each product by location where it is,  we can get optimal path. @Everybody, feel free to correct me if my assumption is wrong.
- So in general idea is that:
--- First you create picking wave with mERP warehouse (by scanning orders you want to pick)
--- Than you run through warehouse and pick all of them at once following optimal way.

Regarding wireless printer - we think about integration with such devices: 
But so far all were happy with regular printer and standard functionality of Odoo that generates PDF. Again, maybe here we have business people who are willing to set correct assumptions for us.


Best Regards,
Oleg Kuryan

Technical Director, XPANSA Group | ERP, BI, E-commerce, Data Mining and DMS consulting
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On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 7:22 AM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:

I did a review of MERP. Since there is a lot of people at one time talking about it, thought about posting my questions here. I was able to download the app on my android device and connect it to Odoo easily.

What I did notice was the warehouse management functionality seemed very rudimentary. What I mean is, you can transfer product. From my limited testing, it appears you can only scan a product. You cannot anywhere type the SKU or do any kind of lookup.

When doing a transfer, if I did not scan the complete amount, example order was to transfer 5 and I transferred 3, it says ok but doesnt actually do anything. It only transferred when I did the complete amount.

The delivery order functionality is exactly the same interface, there appears to be no functional difference between incoming and outgoing. When I was doing picking, I would expect to have ability to do a directed pick or something, but it was pretty must just scan the entire amount and continue.

Based on my review of the solution it appeared to be very limited and would not fit several clients needs.

What im really looking for is a program where you can scan or lookup product and receive to a dock. Possibly print labels to a wireless network printer.

Look up stock

Do a directed pick, where I could receive a wave on the device and be directed in an efficient picking path to retrieve the items.

Anyone got any feedback?

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