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Re: MERP question

Fabien Pinckaers
- 02/07/2016 14:00:24

Did you have a look at the official barcode app of Odoo 9?

It does all you need: scan products or lots, partial picking, inventory, internal transfers scanning locations, packing operations, different flows for receive/delivery/inventory, serial numbers & batches.

Works fine on both mobile & desktop.


I did a review of MERP. Since there is a lot of people at one time talking about it, thought about posting my questions here. I was able to download the app on my android device and connect it to Odoo easily.

What I did notice was the warehouse management functionality seemed very rudimentary. What I mean is, you can transfer product. From my limited testing, it appears you can only scan a product. You cannot anywhere type the SKU or do any kind of lookup.

When doing a transfer, if I did not scan the complete amount, example order was to transfer 5 and I transferred 3, it says ok but doesnt actually do anything. It only transferred when I did the complete amount.

The delivery order functionality is exactly the same interface, there appears to be no functional difference between incoming and outgoing. When I was doing picking, I would expect to have ability to do a directed pick or something, but it was pretty must just scan the entire amount and continue.

Based on my review of the solution it appeared to be very limited and would not fit several clients needs.

What im really looking for is a program where you can scan or lookup product and receive to a dock. Possibly print labels to a wireless network printer.

Look up stock

Do a directed pick, where I could receive a wave on the device and be directed in an efficient picking path to retrieve the items.

Anyone got any feedback?

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