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Re: [9.0c] Gant Charts and Forcast Planning for Projects, Versioning, VoIP, System Signing, Inter Company and other since Version 9 Enterprise only stuff.

Nhomar Hernandez
- 02/05/2016 18:49:36

2016-02-05 17:33 GMT-06:00 Graeme Gellatly <>:
Does the OCA has a speaker or something like that who could simply contact the author and see if they can grant the OCA a permission to use it - with a written agreement that that module will stay under AGPL i.e. but can be used in Odoo 9 (which is LGPL v.3)

People are there to talk to each other and agree with each other. Give it a try from an official site so that it would come back to the community which would also give them much more benefits too as more people would use it and perhaps than will have a look also to their other editions. 

or is there any other script which could simply replace that one - perhaps with even more features ;-)

I think it will make a difference if somebody from ODOO S.A. with tons of license changes in the past would ask them or somebody from OCA with a proven record to stay Free Open Source also in future.

You should suscribe to xDHTML mailing lists also ad wait for their CEO or Core contributosrs answer you also.

May be we can have a little of rest here for let' s say 2 or 3 days ;-)

Let me help you:

Enjoy it ;-)

Saludos Cordiales

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Nhomar Hernandez