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Re: [9.0c] Crowdfunding Campaigns for Community Edition

Andi Becker
- 02/05/2016 16:15:14
To point 1 it is true that there are lots of complaints and exactly that Odoo campaign which was run by Odoo S.A. themselves is perhaps the culprit why now new campaigns will fail. They really got more complaints than actually Themes have been released.

I would mention this as a campaign which promoted a bad image and untrustworthiness of Odoo and things done with Odoo.

IMHO it would be very important to make clear that this campaign which made a whole lot of money  for whom however - I guess it was over 600% over the goal.

Another culprit why campaigns fail is as they have actually nothing to present before they start a campaign ;-)

ODOO S.A. Campaign of those Themes was very successfull as they were able to use Themes which were already existing and mostly developed with lots of community input and feedback. So this helped them to figure out the real needs and finally brought the huge amount of money.

I am pretty sure that crowdfunding will work if people have trust in the once doing the crowdfunding campaign.

Also in this point the Bootstrap Themes campaign is a great example - on the positive and negative side ;-) unfortunately.

This campaign was only so successful because many companies and developers out of that community trusted those doing the campaign and I am pretty sure that most of them won't trust THEM anymore after so much complains.

So it would be very very important to make clear where the money goes and the only way doing this would be 100% transparency that the money goes back into the community effort! In this case I am pretty sure that a campaign for Community modules would have perhaps even a greater success.

It is such a pity that such a great community which is so much larger than those who run Odoo S.A. and who brings in most of the great ideas actually which made Odoo so great, isn't standing more on their own 2 feet!

The other great reason why this campaign was so successful was simply the need of Themes and this need is still there by the way!

one example:

In our meeting was discussed why there isn't a Community effort to make ODOO Community 100% mobile responsive with a Backend Theme everyone could contribute. The (costly) Material Design Theme is unfortunately more a blocker of that effort as it would help to get things done. On the other hand it could be a great start if the developing company would contribute it i.e. to OCA. Lots of people would use it instantly and many people would go to the modules website on Odoo where the developing company could actually show how great they are. For sure they would get more customers by doing that and those would bring more income to them than selling this Theme for a high price. Making it available under AGPL would even guarantee them that they would benefit from all efforts from others to contribute to that theme.

As there is actually another Material Design Theme out there in the Odoo Univers so also this could be used.

The same applies to the front-end. Having Material Design in the Backend AND Front-end would make things much easier.
The same applies to the snippets which currently work only with certain themes, so another effort would be to make them available for any theme. 

I am sure that those efforts would get great support!

From the module side it would be good to know where the needs are here actually, so that priorities could be set.

Versioning and actually less A-B Testing , Easy working Backups, Easy to handle SEO, and of course Mobile usability are some things always asked here. Not sure what it is at your side.

is there a place where ideas and things about crowdfunding campaigns get gathered?

+1 Joel, Juan and Jay! you are absolutely right.

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On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 4:12 PM, Levent Karakas <> wrote:
There are two failed crowdfunding campaigns to mention here....

1) Bootstrap themes for odoo cms: 

There were complaints about the outcome every other month. I'm not sure if it suceeded and anybody got the promised themes. I think people gave up on it.

2) Software security audit: 

Only news is that the campaign will start again to raise more funds, The promise was to do the work for whatever was raised. Nothing appeared yet. 

2016-02-05 4:47 GMT+02:00 Andreas Becker <>:
Does anybody has Experience in creating and running crowdfunding campaigns for Odoo Community Modules and Themes etc.?

What Plattform would you recommend and why would you recommend them?


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