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Re: [9.0c] Gant Charts and Forcast Planning for Projects, Versioning, VoIP, System Signing, Inter Company and other since Version 9 Enterprise only stuff.

by Olivier Dony <> - 02/05/2016 13:08:41
On 02/05/2016 06:42 PM, Johan Van Hirtum wrote:
> Strictly speaking GPL v2 is not compatible with GPL v3 ( Odoo ), but it’s clear
> from the text on their site, DHX as author has no problem when you use it in
> any GPL licensed product ( Odoo v8, AGPL // Odoo v9 community, LGPL ).

Unfortunately no, it's not clear on their website.

> They mean ‘GPL v2 or a later version’, otherwise they would speak of a ‘with GPL v2
> compatible GPL-licensed project’.

Nope, they do mean 'GPLv2' in the strict sense, not 'GPLv2 or later'. At least
that's what they told us last time we asked them directly. They never explained
why, though.