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Re: [9.0c] General Question: Are OCA Members allowed to work on Modules which will replace one or all Enterprise Features and make them available for Community Edition.

Andi Becker
- 02/05/2016 06:20:03
Thanks this helps already - 

The main question was yesterday in the meeting the "versioning and a-b testing" as well as the CSS/LESS editor for websites and actually the complete website module to increase usability

For me it looks like people would be more interested in perhaps sponsoring such developments than investing in a subscription service of the Enterprise edition. The problem here is really the financial situation of many companies and people which is very very different from what it is i.e. in Europe.

We live here i.e. with about 800 Euro a month as a family and earnings are more or less adjusted to what it is in that region, one reason why they simply can't afford high priced subscriptions. To make things popular in such regions it needs therfore other insentives and complete other pricings.

"That being said, it may be more interesting to work on other topic to grow the functional scope of Odoo."

The point is that the Community Edition shows features of Enterprise edition in the Backend when you click on them and often you can't check boxes and when asking on the list here it gets said that it is an Enterprise only feature i.e. intercompany - so people like to have those features but simply can't afford and than move to other products or continue using their former way.

To create more customers in that region which will be one of the biggest growing markets in future business IMHO we actually would need the chance to get people working with it and using a ful feature set and instead of charging for modules etc charging for services and training like it is done also with most other CMS systems which are Open Source.

Our biggest competitor in that region is actually the Copy Industry of Proprietary Products. And they are ver hard to beat even BSA comes and checks more and more often, which than again drives companies looking for alternatives and than they choose a company which probides Open Source Solutions. Unfortunalety this usually only happens when their financial budgets has nothing available for pribing those checking.

To make Odoo getting more and more used here it would need to be much better positioned in terms of pricing and availability of trainings, workshops, promotions etc. 

There are some companies up in Bangkok Area which provide odoo services since decades but look how that changed the market here. Many people still have no idea what it is! So the goal would be to change that!

Having therfore Enterprise functionality available also in the Community Version which is usable like those already mentioned and which got named yesterday would be very helpful to have. 

The accounting stuff is also very interesting but as in that region most companies are actually using external Accounting offices for that purpose and are therefore not so much interested in that accounting part at all. Only some bigger Accounting Companies might be interested - but they have often already well adjusted programs which fit that local market here with its very specific rules and ways in doing accounting.

Also here the ODOO Promotion completely failed in the past years as otherwise people would use Odoo to do their accounting in Thailand ;-)

Odoo could actually do a very great job in that section if it would have been maintained better in the past for the needs here.

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On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 3:57 PM, Joël Grand-Guillaume <> wrote:

So restrictions about this topic. The OCA is not here to tell what a contributors should do. The only constraints are to respect the rules in place given by PSC (code reviews PEP8, etc..)..

That being said, it may be more interesting to work on other topic to grow the functional scope of Odoo. But it make sens sometimes to make a community version of an enterprise module. For example for the financial reports :



On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 3:41 AM, Andreas Becker <> wrote:
It is a question which came up here during a discussion with developers and customers also concerning a Membership with OCA - some might be interested.

Are there any restrictions who will be allowed to replace and Enterprise Only Module / Feature with a Community Module i.e. under AGPL! or even LGPL or GPL?

Does an OCA Member or Member Company has any restrictions or are they allowed to work on such modules which would make the Enterprise Edition actually more or less obsolete as customers would have again the same features also with the Community Edition and they would also again have access to all the code and therefor would know and could check what is actually going on with their data?

As the Enterprise Edition is a Subscription only service which would force customers to renew their subscription every year it is especially difficult for startups to use that subscription service. They would like more a much better to calculate way and perhaps instead investing the savings out of that deal in developing those Enterprise Features for the community Version - some are already there in Version 8 or 7 or even in Tryton and only would need to be ported/converted to Odoo 9+.

Would OCA host any module for version 9 and up which would replace any Enterprise feature - existing or new one! 

The idea woudl be to make the community Edition again as strong as the Enterprise edition, but with the benefit that all code would be aqain accessible and that nobody would need to subscribe to any software but instead could subscribe for Service to maintain their community instances or give training on them as we do already.

Does Odoo Partners have restrictions and are not allowed to work on such features?

It would be nice if somebody could ask those important questions. Thanks!

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