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Re: How to optimize general performance

by André P. <> - 02/05/2016 06:07:54
Specifically for Odoo, there's this slideshow by Olivier Dony:

I'd also recomment looking into PostgreSQL optimization. The wiki is a good resource:
Also, be sure to use the newest version, as it's been gradually improving its performance. According to the FOSDEM talk, the new 9.5 version will bring some important optimizations vis-a-vis index lookups.

2016-02-05 11:00 GMT+00:00 John Pia Jr <>:

Hello community,

I have a pretty powerful server dedicated to running odoo. DellR710, with 120GB of memory, & (2) 3.2 ghz quad core xeons. I'm hooked into a SAN for my storage, as well as 4TB on the server itself.

What is the best way to utilize my resources in order to optimize the performance of odoo overall.

thank you in advanced

- John Pia Jr

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