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Re: [9.0c] Crowdfunding Campaigns for Community Edition

Lambda Networks AS, Levent Karakaş
- 02/05/2016 04:00:05
There are two failed crowdfunding campaigns to mention here....

1) Bootstrap themes for odoo cms: 

There were complaints about the outcome every other month. I'm not sure if it suceeded and anybody got the promised themes. I think people gave up on it.

2) Software security audit: 

Only news is that the campaign will start again to raise more funds, The promise was to do the work for whatever was raised. Nothing appeared yet. 

2016-02-05 4:47 GMT+02:00 Andreas Becker <>:
Does anybody has Experience in creating and running crowdfunding campaigns for Odoo Community Modules and Themes etc.?

What Plattform would you recommend and why would you recommend them?


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