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Re: [9.0c] General Question: Are OCA Members allowed to work on Modules which will replace one or all Enterprise Features and make them available for Community Edition.

- 02/05/2016 03:45:53

I don't see Official Odoo partners directly competing against Odoo-SA.
By contrat they should not and it wouldn't make sens for me.
IIUC OCA position, OCA members can do what they want, inside or outside.

2016-02-05 3:42 GMT+01:00 Andreas Becker <>:
> It is a question which came up here during a discussion with developers and
> customers also concerning a Membership with OCA - some might be interested.
> Are there any restrictions who will be allowed to replace and Enterprise
> Only Module / Feature with a Community Module i.e. under AGPL! or even LGPL
> or GPL?
> Does an OCA Member or Member Company has any restrictions or are they
> allowed to work on such modules which would make the Enterprise Edition
> actually more or less obsolete as customers would have again the same
> features also with the Community Edition and they would also again have
> access to all the code and therefor would know and could check what is
> actually going on with their data?
> As the Enterprise Edition is a Subscription only service which would force
> customers to renew their subscription every year it is especially difficult
> for startups to use that subscription service. They would like more a much
> better to calculate way and perhaps instead investing the savings out of
> that deal in developing those Enterprise Features for the community Version
> - some are already there in Version 8 or 7 or even in Tryton and only would
> need to be ported/converted to Odoo 9+.
> Would OCA host any module for version 9 and up which would replace any
> Enterprise feature - existing or new one!
> The idea woudl be to make the community Edition again as strong as the
> Enterprise edition, but with the benefit that all code would be aqain
> accessible and that nobody would need to subscribe to any software but
> instead could subscribe for Service to maintain their community instances or
> give training on them as we do already.
> Does Odoo Partners have restrictions and are not allowed to work on such
> features?
> It would be nice if somebody could ask those important questions. Thanks!
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