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Re: [9.0c] Gant Charts and Forcast Planning for Projects, Versioning, VoIP, System Signing, Inter Company and other since Version 9 Enterprise only stuff.

Pete Fotheringham
- 02/05/2016 03:38:00
I have been looking at the project_long_term module which provided gantt 
charts and planning views and some other stuff we would like to use.

We don't want to work with old versions, and this add-on was removed in 
v9, so we are thinking about whether to look at forward-porting the 
module. We haven't arrived at a decision yet :)

I'll try to keep the list informed



On 05/02/2016 02:34, Andreas Becker wrote:
> Is anybody working on that features for the community Edition?
> We found already some Version 7 and 8 Modules concerning those features
> and is somebody porting those to Version 9 community Edition?
> Thanks!
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