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[8.0] [9.0c] Odoo Groups / Workshops / Conferences in South East Asia"

Andi Becker
- 02/04/2016 22:57:52

What Odoo Groups do exist in South East Asia and where are they located and when are they having meetings? When is the next meeting and who to contact?

What Odoo Workshops take place in South East Asia? Who will host a workshop about Odoo with what Theme and with what goal at what day time and location and who to contact?

Are there any conference planned this and in the next year where ODOO or Companies which work with Odoo or support/develop Odoo in the South East Asean mainly ASEAN Region? If yes where, when, who to contact, pricing would be nice to know?

Is there a specific Odoo only conference taking place in South East Asia - ASEAN?

With what goal, subjects?

We also would like to know from any other none Odoo Conference where people where speaking about Odoo or where Themes about Odoo would be accepted.

The goal is top promote Odoo Community Edition much more und to get some more interest from VCs in supporting the community Edition.

Also Hongkong would be still in the range as the HKTC takes place there in April where we were already before in past years (really recommended) Is someone going there or having even a booth there?