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[8.*] [9.0c] GITHUB Updates

Andi Becker
- 02/04/2016 22:45:39
Is there a place to see every day what odoo accounts have been updated - which exist on Github or elsewhere on another Git platform?

Does anybody has a list of all Github Accounts and its repositories which host Odoo modules?

odoo-code-search is a nice tool but it won't show actually where activities took place. To optimise collaboration for Community Edition it would be great to see actually when an Repository had been updated so you than could check actually what has been updated and if that would be something you would need to apply to your own stuff or could add your own stuff etc.

Using the gitup command brings already most of those information but actually not what has been actually been updated, so you need to switch first to the repo and than check there on github itself why the repo has been marked as updated.

The idea would be to collect all Github repositories which host Odoo code on a cerntralised place and than run i.e. gitup on a daily base (i.e. at midnight) and post the result which than could be used also as RSS Feed.

Mostly those repositories contain lots of modules and you loose fast the overview!

Therfore it would be great to have an alphabetic list of all modules available for Odoo and for a certain Version - Good would be if that list would display already if a module is installable or not as most Odoo 9.0 still haven't been ported to 9.0 and are uninstallable but would siply mess up such a list.

Has anybody already worked on something like that?