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[9.0c - Website] SEO and Real URL and Multi Websites

Andi Becker
- 02/04/2016 22:15:49
The current website Module has lots of downsides in version 9 as you can't really manae URLs by domains i.e. if you will run multiple websites and SEO friendly URLs without /page/ /blog/ /slides/ etc are simply not possible and the bloopark SEO modules conflict to much other stuff which than simply won't work anymore properly. To much has to be modified inside the system before it actually works properly. All those modifications would not be needed if the website module itself would provide a proper SEO friendly URL already for multiple websites.

Therefore we had discussed yesterday, that it might be best to rewrite the complete website module and get rid of those problems properly at its source.

The goal would be to have:

Urls without /page/ /slides/ / blog/ etc which are not translating and make the path unnecessarily longer.

What would you think or suggest to get rid of those problems?

We were thinking about rewriting the website Module so that it would no more use /page/ etc and instead would have also the possibility to insert a domain record which than could be the base for multi website URLs - similar to how it is done in TYPO3 where we had very good experiences with those domain records.

Those domain records could than be also the base for SEO friendly URLs and hopefully it would be possible to access the backend also from another URL than the frontend gets accessed (we asked that in another Thread)