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[9.0c] Python 3 and Odoo 9 / 10 or [2017] Community Edition

Andi Becker
- 02/04/2016 21:49:47
Points which came up in our yesterday meeting and which I would like to ask here!

Tryton is already working with Python Version 3

What about Odoo Community Edition?
Who has experience with converting / rewriting - the core to Python Version 3, perhaps who has already started. 

There was already a Thread about it but it has not been continued for a longer time.

What would it cost (in man/hours) i.e. to rewrite the Odoo Core to Python Version 3? 

What would be the most important modules to be converted or rewritten to Python 3 first, as they are used most often? Is there anywhere a statistic about what modules get used how often or which modele has a lot of stuff depending on, if yes where?