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How do I find an archive of all emails imported/sent into odoo 9?

Elite Antennas Ltd., Julian Robbins
- 02/04/2016 10:48:39
I am using odoo 9 (up to date as of 03/2/16).

Using Technical features on and going to the Menus admin here:-


there are no emails shown at all, although there are filters set up that would be useful to find and filter the emails for archiving purposes filters of ie Received, Outgoing, Sent, Failed, etc

But oddly, all the emails in my Odoo system do show up in:-

/Settings/Technical/Email/Messages instead (along with internal chatter messages), but without the useful filters as above.

Why are the emails imported in Messages and not E-Mail? The setup I have seems to work beautifully apart from this ..

 Any ideas ?

Kind regards

Julian Robbins
IT Manager & Marketing Engineer

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