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Opening Balances in v9

- 02/02/2016 17:28:57
Hi all,

We are currently migrating from QuickBooks Enterprise to Odoo v9 and I’m looking for some hints on the best way to implement opening balances. I did find some information on the web in regards to v8, but it seems that things have changed - for example, there is no longer a journal type “Opening/Closing Situation”.

In particular we need opening balances for these accounts:

Accounts Payable - perhaps by importing open supplier bills?
Accounts Receivable - perhaps by importing open customer invoices?
Bank accounts
Expense/Income accounts
Asset/Debt accounts

In this instance, we are moving platforms at the beginning of the company’s financial year, but it would be convenient to import some historical data such as previous year customer invoices and supplier bills - is this straightforward to do without having to tie each previous invoice/bill to a bank payment yet still marking the old invoices/bills as “closed”? Or must we import payment data as well and create relationships to these payments?

Many thanks and I appreciate any advise,