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Re: sales order confirmation v9: speed issue

Nhomar Hernandez
- 02/01/2016 01:19:27

2016-01-31 22:46 GMT-06:00 Nils Hamerlinck <>:
Can you give us the commit id?

Just informative.

We improve 90% on speed in aaaaaalll our processes just updating db engine to 9.5.

We made huge tests this weekend with huge db's and all works like a charm

All over v8.0

The speed improvements are not related to Odoo itself, we didn't apply any update. Psql 9.3 had problems on performance blocking some tables.....

Regards. (Working on update our production environments now....)

Saludos Cordiales

CEO at Vauxoo Odoo's Gold Partner.
Nhomar Hernandez