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Re: sales order confirmation v9: speed issue

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 01/30/2016 19:20:53
We made some load testing on AWS last year for a customer, and I wanted to share some results.
* 1 Server Model: c4.xlarge, 4 cores, 7.5 Gb RAM
* Server setup on Ubuntu 14.04
* Dockerised Odoo v8 (latest version)
* Dockerised Postgresql 9.4
* Dockerised nginx

Scripting method:
* Standard Odoo code.
* Tests are programmed in python and executed directly in the server
* Native Odoo XMLRPC/ERPPeek library for data creation and workflow triggers
* System monitored and all cores were used
* No specific treatment after validation
* Products data are very simple

  1. Create partners (qty: 5K)
  2. Create products (qty: 10K)
  3. Create PO (qty: 12K w/ average 5 lines = 60K lines)
  4. Confirm PO
  5. Confirm IS (from PO)
  6. Create SO (qty: 12K w/ average 5 lines = 60K lines)
  7. Confirm SO
  8. Confirm DO (from SO)

We finetuned PG and Odoo which allowed increase in result by 140% in some part of the tests.
We got the following average results:
Our conclusions:
  • Object creation is fast (up to 30K PO/h or 150K lines/h in average)
  • Workflow Management (Confirmation or validation) is 6x slower (4K SO/h or 20K lines/h)
=> bottleneck
  • Functional finetuning is necessary to determine critical functions for realtime and queue handling
At minima, Odoo can treat 20000 lines of SO/h

We didnot reproduce the script for v9 so far but it would probably show great improvements in the SO/PO validation

On Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 11:27 PM Houssine BAKKALI <> wrote:

It has been said that the patch was for production so definitely not on master.

Le 30 janv. 2016 07:17, "Markus Menner | axxelia" <> a écrit :

Hi Fabien,

Thanks for the info.

Is it backported to 9.0, or only available on master?

Kind regards,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Markus Menner


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Am 30.01.2016 um 00:37 schrieb Fabien Pinckaers <>:

We have commited a huge speed improvement today for v9, you should try updating the code. I am not sure it will improve the SO processing, but it improved the scheduler from 3h to 10min on a customer database.

Let us know if you see a visible difference as we haven't tested the impact on the SO yet.



On Jan 29, 2016 9:53 AM, "Gaspard Dessy" <> wrote:

On v9 we have performance issue on order confirmation: over 1 min server processing for an order with 100 lines. We have up to 3000 sales order per day (in total 50-200k sales order lines) and worry about server performance.

Any trick or experience to share?

Gaspard Dessy
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