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Re: Giving the Amount instead of Unit Price

Open For Small Business Ltd, Graeme Gellatly
- 01/30/2016 17:17:57

There is an OCA module in Web that allows you to do calculations in float fields. Not quite the same but will work.

On Sun, 31 Jan 2016 8:12 AM Martin <> wrote:
Ok, thanks, for that I will us my calculator then, because this is to
much work for to less usecases.

Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero writes:

> Hi, Martin,
> You have to create a module that provides an inverse method for the subtotal field that modifies the unit price.
> Regards.
> 2016-01-30 13:26 GMT+01:00 Martin < [1] > :
> Hi there,
> Sometimes in business we come to a total price for X units of something
> with a customer or supplier. Now in the invoice I would like to put
> that total price in the amount field and let odoo calculate the unit
> price (for analytics).
> How can I do that?
> Thanks,
> Martin

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