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Re: Looking for a developer with odoo-android experience

Savoir-Faire Linux, Maxime Chambreuil
- 01/29/2016 10:04:40
Hello Chris,

We made a Android app for barcode scanning in the warehouse on version 7.

If you want to discuss further, please contact my colleague Alexandre Lision (copied to this email).

Maxime Chambreuil
Ring ID: 239e01f6262afbf3c7d276d2c661173ddddc0340
Tel: +1 (514) 276-5468 #126

----- Le 29 Jan 16, à 1:56, Chris Jones <> a écrit :

I'm looking for a developer with hands on experience with the Odoo mobile framework. Please email me a description of your experience with it and your availability.

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