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Re: Odoo Hotel Management

Andi Becker
- 01/28/2016 08:00:42
@Carlos Paz
click on the user name 
than choose in the dropdown "About"
It will show you that ODOO 8 gets used
Odoo 8 is released under AGPL.
As you had now access to that site you can now ask the developer to share his module - if you like it! - it also has to be AGPL as it depends on ODOO 8! No proprietary code can be used here unless it would be rereleased under AGPL.

@others Thanks

Our 2.5 Rai Garden Shares the wall wit Vijit Resort - one of those 5 Star Hotels here..
Most of the family and friends are working in Hotel, restaurant and tourism business and they work in shifts so it is very easy to find someone to test out stuff. Beside this some members of our Liosclubs own Hotels.

No really, if you want to make an impact with Odoo on Hotel Business, than don't program stuff in backends which is way to complicated to be used. Go with the time and even with the time of Odoo and use instead the POS the website builder to get things done sufficiently. It is all there I guess you would need. With the POS even a travel agend anywhere in the world could book a room right the way into your system and Hotel/Car other service.

Here in Phuket we have - similar to but ...
simply have a look to their Hotel booking - the look and feel etc - and check how it is working - it won't work nice at all, it does not look nice etc simply forget it. But on the other side don't forget that they run a great business here even they are and look like you see it. Odoo could do the stuff way better!!!

Look how Booking is working here and how fast it is to get a result incl. lots of images - This is the way of the future Hotel Business and the backend stuff won't be even be visible to much. Keep that for Housekeepers, Cooks, Transport Department etc but let customers visit your website!

Benefits of a website - they are Multicurrency, they are much faster reacting than any receptionist - (In Bangkok we went to a hotel and the receptionist even asked us to use our iPad to book via Agoda or as it would make his live much easier.- we did it - we got a much better price, a better room, had a happy receptionist and great service during the stay.)

Sit together 
enhance the vertical hotel together with lots of user experience and you will run ahead of Odoo Enterprise ;-) as a community.

Enjoy your evening!

With kind regards,
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On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 4:46 PM, nur hadi <> wrote:
mantab.. bagaimana cara membuatnya. ajarin dong :)

On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 9:08 PM, Lisa Huang <> wrote:
Hi All 

Here I give you my demo server of Odoo Hotel Management 

database : hotel_27102015
password : demo

You may check on that. :) 

Looking forward your feedback. 

Lisa Huang

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