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- 01/28/2016 04:18:48
Andreas has always a bunch of good ideas!

On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 1:42 PM, Carlos Paz <> wrote:
this is under what license? Propietary Software? Souce code?

On Thu, Jan 28, 2016 at 3:26 AM, Andreas Becker <> wrote:
To be honest much to complicated for a receptionist! I just asked one.

Try to put in a simple reservation and assign a room and constantly you get the error that the room is not available:

Room Capacity Exceeded 
Please Select Rooms According to Members Accommodation.

The main problem with this kind of doing reservations is that modern technology and possibilities which we have today get not used.
  1. A customer is coming to the hotel
  2. asking for a room
  3. Immediately there needs to be a list of available rooms which also shows the price of the room or even an image, the floor, the view, size, what kind of beds double or two single, warm shower, fan/aircondition, how far from wifi spot - wifi free/yes no - this is what people are asking - at least here. A way to show a 360 Room View is great and gets ordered more and more.
  4. now have a view on the one side your rooms which are available and on the other side the rooms which are already full
  5. simply drag and room the customer wants to have from the one side to the other and the reservation screen opens up.
  6. no knowledge no language abilities are needed to do that step
  7. For customers here in Thailand you could than use their ID card - pull it through a reader and you have all their data available
  8. Passports of foreign customers get always be copied here so there needs to be a way to store those too.
  9. use the POS to book the room and add additional extras [extra bed, pickup service]
  10. you will see the price
  11. order and book it
  12. at the same time when the room gets booked the housekeeping gets informed that the Room which the customer has booked needs to get checked, perhaps even need to get cleaned or opened the windows etc.
  13. somebody to cary the luggage will get a notice to be present now at the reception desk or when the customer arrives
  14. the van=driver which just went to the airport to bring to old customers there gets an SMS to wait and pick up the new customer who will arrive with flight xyz at time 12:34 at Terminal ..., he gets even the name written on white Background as an image so he can hold up his Tablet when the customer arrives.
  15. The kitchen gets informed that they have another customer coming for breakfast.
The customers will get pretty nervous until you finally have found which room is available - than it is much faster take the walkie talkie and ask your staff. They will respond faster.

Why are you not using the website builder to integrate the customer much more. Most hotels which order websites here want to have the booking functionality on their website integrated and this should get integrated to their Hotel Booking System. Odoo could do the same out of one system ;-)

Developing a Hotel Booking System means to understand why more and more customers book their hotel rooms via internet online booking platforms. Especially smaller Hotels are using them more and more.,, Agoda, etc. 
To create more interest to use Odoo it would be necessary that those platforms get connected and always updated in certain intervals with the Odoo Hotel Booking.

Have you ever tried some of these platforms, if yes you probably realised that they even have different prices if you book with an iOS device or with a windows or linux or android device. iOS users usually pay a bit more ;-) which means they check what device gets used and estimate the budget the customer might has.

Just some ideas!

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On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 9:17 PM, Mustafa Sarkazi <> wrote:

Is this based on SerpentCS' hotel code or different?


Best Regards,

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On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 7:38 PM, Lisa Huang <> wrote:
Hi All 

Here I give you my demo server of Odoo Hotel Management 

database : hotel_27102015
password : demo

You may check on that. :) 

Looking forward your feedback. 

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