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Re: Chart of Account structure & amp; Financial year closing in Odoo 9

Mathias Neef
- 01/27/2016 14:22:20
Hey community!

Last weeks I spend a lot of hours to figure out how the new accounting in V9 works.
The reason why I reply to Fabiens mail is, that he is completly right.

The new accounting have everything that is needed to go deeper as you can with a hierarchical accounting.
OK, there are many hurdles you must pass to come to the end.

In CE there is no reporting. You need to build it from scratch and it is not easy to figure out how it works.
In EE there is a reporting, but it is not usable here in Germany, I'm sure this is the same in other countries.

My recommendation is, take some hours do some test and tryings to figure out how it works and I'm sure you will be thrilled.

A big disadvantage is, that there is actually no documentation for this.

It will be useful if there is one in future. Maybe I can help to create one.

Best regards,


Am 27.01.2016 um 00:17 schrieb Fabien Pinckaers:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
1.- It was OK on community since Version 4.x
2.- You argument and remove it unilaterally for V9.0 making the highest quantity of extrange arguments about a basic accounting feature.
3.- Now you "Release" as an Enterprise feature, without a correct supported data model (which you damaged actually) removing the parent left parent right.
4.- Now IF no pay no Feature....

Ok, I will explain once again :)

We removed the account hierarchy in version 9 because, from an accounting point of view, a trial balance should be flat and have only one debit or credit per account. (and not both) Have a look at some references from wikipedia or other accounting software in Google Images if you are not convinced:
- Trial Balance Examples:

It's important for Odoo to produce reports the way an accountant expect. And a trial balance / chart of account is NOT a hierarchy.

In addition to that, the parent hierarchy implied a lot of problems / difficulties for accountants: 
- complexity to import a chart of account
- error prone at account configuration, leading to wrong legal statements
- bad usability with strange tricks, like a 'View' account that is a concept which does not exist in accounting
So, we were happy to remove it to avoid these issues and delegate the hierarchy computation to the report engine.

In terms of reporting (the only usefulness of hierarchies), reports can still be in a tree structure, as we moved the hierarchy structure at the report engine level. This is more powerful as, instead of having one hierarchy only, we can have as much as we want: P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Cashflow Statement, ... all have their own hierarchy. All of that out-of-the-box, without configuration requirements for the accountant.

I pay all my enterprises (you know) I am not saying you closed a feature... but now , What will we do with aaaaallll the AGPL code that is based on such hierarchy?

The report engine changed in v9. For nearly all countries, it will hugely simplify localizations (probably divide code by 4). The drawback is that these l10n_* modules should be redeveloped on the new accounting structure, instead of trying to forward port old v8 reports.
should not you simply put free the feature in an extra module?.....

We rewrote the report engine in version 9 from scratch. It's a huge effort and we made all accounting reports in Odoo Enterprise. You may like it or not, but we need to put some features in Odoo Enterprise to create value for it. I think we do a good trade-off: some features go to Odoo Community, others to Odoo Enterprise. The list is here and will probably not change that much, and accounting reports are part of Odoo Enterprise:

I do not understand, Thanks for rectify (I mean it seriously), but, NO thanks for making it too late and in the incorrect version, and with the incorrect approach.

Actually, I think the trial balance hierarchy is NOT useful for accountants, and certainly not a requirement of an accounting software. Accountants used to read P&L and BS as a hierarchy, but not trial balances / chart of accounts. However, we did it to help you do the transition: even if the v8 behavior was not good, our users are already used to it.

As a project manager point of view, I think it's better to manage the change with your customer and train them on the new way of working with accounting reports (the CoA is not the main report anymore, now they have dynamic P&L, BS...) However, if you really want to stick to the v8 way of working, you can do it with the provided patch.


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