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Re: Multi-companies workflow

Eric Caudal (Odoo Community Association)
- 01/27/2016 06:45:29

For v7 check base_intercompany, for v8 check OCA intercompany repo, for v9 in enterprise edition

On Wed, Jan 27, 2016, 19:37 Nikunj Jani <> wrote:

I do not know in which version you are asking but in 9.0 there is a module called 'Inter Company' which does the same thing you want..

May be also available in 8.0 , check it (

Nikunj Jani (Odoo India)

On Wednesday 27 January 2016 04:38 PM, Walid Redwan wrote:
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Hi Dears,

My current Multi-companies environment request the following scenario:

When i create sale order from company A to sale product belong to company B, they need to make the system trigger tow action automatically:

1-Create sale order in company B sale to company A this product.

2-Create purchase order in company A to purchase this product from company B

How can I do this functionality ?

Best Regards
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