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Re: Odoo + LMS

Mr James Alfa
- 01/25/2016 03:43:49

yes it does make sense to have the same tool that delivers the courses be same as the one that handles all the other marketing if the training courses are considered to be an integral part of the marketing strategy. The days are long gone when marketing support materials from companies considered of nothing but dull whitepapers in pdf form. Companies these days are obliged to deliver marketing information and guidance in the most efficient form that can be provided by the web technology that we now have - namely video training courses. Not least of this is Odoo SA itself which has a number of slides presentations on how to use its platform. Why does it seem such a large leap of the imagination to consider that these videos be stitched together into a series, in a similar way to how it is done for every online learning platform.

No the world does not need yet another online learning platform, but yes it really needs an online learning platform that is fully integrated with an extensible marketing and sales platform such as odoo. No we do not need yet another connector to an external system that needs updating every time either system at the end of the connector gets updated by different development team, yes we do need a fully integrated system that provides a stable foundation for vendors to develop improved marketing techniques and material.


On 24.01.2016 18:22, James Fox wrote:
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please can you tell us what a 'proper tool' can do that an odoo module could in principle not do.
The question is, does it make sense, to have odoo do it?
I mentioned the warehouse managing tool. Such a tool needs to know about the physical structure of the warehouse. How are the things stored, how are they accessed.
Is it a person or a roboter picking them. How heavy is a unit allowed to be when stored at a given place. What is the time needed to fetch a piece. What is the frequency of access, what is the backup store ..
A million of things to consider.
We in deed COULD write a tool in odoo capable of handling all these properties.
Should we?

And the same reasoning could/should be applied to many "possible" applications.


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