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Re: Odoo + LMS

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 01/25/2016 03:32:02
On 24.01.2016 18:22, James Fox wrote:
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please can you tell us what a 'proper tool' can do that an odoo module could in principle not do.
The question is, does it make sense, to have odoo do it?
I mentioned the warehouse managing tool. Such a tool needs to know about the physical structure of the warehouse. How are the things stored, how are they accessed.
Is it a person or a roboter picking them. How heavy is a unit allowed to be when stored at a given place. What is the time needed to fetch a piece. What is the frequency of access, what is the backup store ..
A million of things to consider.
We in deed COULD write a tool in odoo capable of handling all these properties.
Should we?

And the same reasoning could/should be applied to many "possible" applications.


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