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Re: Odoo Enterprise License Explanation

Andi Becker
- 01/24/2016 21:03:50

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 1:47 AM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:
Forgive me if this is silly but I wonder if I purchase odoo enterprise 9 for one user and for one year, what happens after year pass ?? is that mean the instant will stop work? 

Yes, Odoo Enterprise is a subscription.
what if I didn't want to renewal can I still using it?


Therefore it is recommended for companies and people who don't want to get logged into one system where afterwards it might costs a multiple of what they have invested to get into that enterprise scheme, to get out again, as all there data would need to be converted and working again in the community version. 

Beside that at the community edition they can ask anytime a developer to add another functionality or report as all code 100% is available as free open source code under a GPL license while in Enterprise Edition even developers won't be able to access proprietary parts of the system.

If a specific functionality is only available in Enterprise Edition, your customer or their developing company might have a look to existing code  and what could be added also for the community edition. This can be very beneficial for those companies if they would contribute that Community Version of an Enterprise Feature back to the community where than thousands of developers would have access to it and could further extend it with new features, bug fixes etc. Keeping that module under AGPL and don't licensing it under LGPL would give those customers and also a great assurance that their contribution to the ODOO community can not be used in a proprietary product and that all improvements have to be made accessible for all other users who communicate with that improved system too as Fabien Pinckaers pointed out already in another Thread.

By using the Community Edition they also would be safe in case that the subscription service of Odoo Enterprise Edition will raise their prises every other year or at any other time. Also they won't have to worry so much about adding additional functionality for perhaps very high prises. Better check if that high prize could be invested in a Community Module Development which gets regular maintained and updated for free and which could be extended and customised perhaps much easier than an Enterprise module.

Overall the Community Edition will always be the better choice for those customers who think about their future too ;-).